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Copper & Copper Mesh Roxy Necklace
Touted as the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus, Poland’s Old Town, located in Torun holds a wealth of history in its streets.

Among the town’s attractions is the 14th century Cathedral of John the Evangelist and the four-year-old Center of Contemporary Art.  Poland is also home to featured jewelry designer Dominika Syczynska.

There is no doubt about it.  Jewelry designers who create statement jewelry always bring a driving, forceful approach to their jewelry.  

There is a clear aspect of play that I really enjoy and of course I like the idea of making a statement without saying a word.

Educated at Poland’s Jaigiellonia University and the Cracow School of Art and Fashion, Syczynska’s design approach is a vivid, imaginative take on contemporary art.  Brass, copper and leather are twisted together, rolled up like fabric or matted like a bird’s nest.

Materials are compiled in askew and irregular ways that ultimately evolve into designs that are fabulously high-fashion.
Hand-Painted Aluminum and Metal Mesh
How Deep is the Ocean Cuff Bracelet
Offsetting the irregular crepe paper-like outlines of necklaces, drop earrings and cuff bracelets is vibrant color schemes.  There are greens, blues, rust oranges, flecks of burgundy and brassy golds.  There is no lack of visual intrigue and unique presentation.

“My designs are an expression of continuous exploration of inspiration, new technology and combinations of various materials like wood, embroidered metal mesh or Angelina fibers,” explains the one-time student of business management.  “Each piece is assembled by hand.  I target my designs to people who find standard forms boring.”

Syczynska’s bold designs were prominently featured on the runways of the 2011 Warsaw Fashion Show, and the audacious baubles boast reasonable price points.

Leather Flake Ring
A selection of items from the handmade jewelry collections is available at online retailer with prices ranging from $84 for the jeweler’s copper and brass Ringo Ring to $300 for her stainless steel mesh River Necklace.


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